Sleep Attack

Beschreibung des Spiels

Enjoy an amazing new twist in tower defense genre - play the new game Sleep Attack! Here you can control the layout of the battlefield and only you decide the paths your enemies follow. Build and place powerful turrets to attack invading enemies. Then rotate the battlefield to force foes down your chosen path of destruction. Be careful though, there are always multiple routes to control! Have fun in the game Sleep Attack and save the funny monster from nightmares!

  • Gruesome enemies
  • 9 tower types
  • Beautiful dreamlike graphics
  • Windows /XP/Vista/7
  • 2 Ghz Prozessor oder höher
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0


%%screenshot%% # 1 %%of%% Sleep Attack %%screenshot%% # 2 %%of%% Sleep Attack %%screenshot%% # 3 %%of%% Sleep Attack
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