Rush For Gold: Alaska

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Make Alaska a thriving place of your dreams in the game Rush For Gold: Alaska! Your family business has gone bankrupt, and your parents are in very dire need of money. Take a long ride on a train to the state of Alaska in search of piles of gold! Help rebuild towns, hire and feed your workers, and mine all the gold you can carry! Be careful, there are sure to be obstacles in your path. Overcome anything that stands in your way, and grab up the precious gold in Rush for Gold: Alaska! Family troubles are always hard, and overcoming them can be extremely difficult. When the bankers came knocking, and the doctor bills started piling up, your family was all but torn apart. The great trip to Alaska can be the saving grace for your entire family, or it could be a complete waste of time. It is up to you to make sure the gold comes back home! Build, fight, and trade your way to the top! The gold rush is on...will you catch the wave?

  • 40 locations
  • Interesting plot
  • 4 seasons
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor 1.6 Ghz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0


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