Vikings: War of Clans

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Become a mighty Viking in the game Vikings: War of Clans and develop your settlement! These harsh lands raise up true Vikings, ones who can survive all the hardships of warrior’s life and devote glorious victories to his brotherhood! Are you ready to rush into the bitter confrontation and gain the prized title of Konung of the Kingdom? A true warrior has but one answer: Let the battle begin! It’s time to equip with hammers and shields and get ready to the fierce confrontations! This universe of mighty warriors, bitter frost and savage struggle needs new heroes! Awake your inner Viking and capture the riches of the North that are yours by right!

  • Great graphics
  • Mighty armies
  • Millions of players
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor 1.6 Ghz or better
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • DirectX 9.0


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