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Let your imagination take over and create the campsite that you have always dreamed of in Youda Camper! This game is all about building full featured camps with proper sanitation, parking spots, roads, stores and entertainment places. You get the option of creating any type of campsite because you are the campsite owner who is fully in charge! It's your goal to make sure that plenty of campers visit your campsite so that your revenue keeps flowing in! This will give you the opportunity to expand your campsite! Build your own tents, bungalows, parks, bingo halls and playgrounds! You can even construct parking spots and roads to improve the infrastructure in your camp. Choose from dirt or paved type of roads and parking spots. You must build toilets, place trashcans and washing machine units to keep your camp in good shape. This will increase the number of campers in your campsite. Also don't forget to build super markets, bingo halls, playgrounds, restaurant... to keep your campers entertained and satisfied with the time they spend here. Start building your campsite on a huge area of land! You will get tons of cool buildings to place on your campsite. If you are not getting enough campers use media to advertise your camps and read the advertisements of rival camps. You can also change the accommodation price of different tents. Earn more points to unlock several other features. You will be guided by a complaint screen to make sure that you fulfill your campers' wants and needs. This way you can solve their problems so that you can prevent them from leaving tents! You will also be able to check the statistics of your campsite to see how much revenue you are bringing in and what your camper turnover rate is! Youda Camper is really an adventurous and recreational management game! So, get ready to manage your own piece of the great outdoors!

  • Tons of cool buildings
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Many different campsite layouts and styles
  • Different kinds of camper wants and needs
  • A huge area for campsites
  • Tons of tools and services
  • An integrated disaster system
  • Many upgrades
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 500 Mhz or better
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0


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